FOR EFL TEACHERS: Ancient Egypt - CLIL Project

Dear colleagues,
        I'd like to share this CLIL Project about ancient Egypt.
This picture is from the National History Museum of Scotland Site, which I find very interesting, and which offers a very nice adventure game to discover Egypt. This game is part of my lesson plan.
       Through this project children can learn (or revise, if they've studied these topics in L1) about the location of Egypt, Egyptian sacred animals and gods, some burial rituals.
You can find lesson plan, worksheets and a crossword (a .zip compressed file) clicking on the canopic jars:

I hope you'll find the documents useful. Please, let me know if there are any problems or mistakes.
Just one more thing I forgot: another site I find extremely useful and funny to use with Primary school children is the following:

 Children need an adult's help, if their mother-tongue is not English. The game is not suitable for very "delicate" children: you're asked to help take the brain and internal organs out of a corpse!

Clare - the Witch


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