Sunday, February 26, 2017

Going shopping

Hi, everyone! 
          Do you like going shopping? I do: I bought a new broomstick today and now I can fly really fast!! That's why my hair is standing straight on my head!
          Try this useful listening game: help Ryan give the right money to the shop assistant (drag the money to the cash, then click on the round blue bubble) . it's really like being in a shop!
       The next game makes me nervous: you have to buy all the items in your shopping list... and be very quick! Try and let me know:

                Well, counting money makes me really sleepy.... Goodnight!
(If you are a teacher, you can go to my page at the top of the screen: FOR EFL TEACHERS: MIX)

Clare - the Witch

Pubblicità: Il Trattamento Ridarelli


Hi, veryone! Let's play with numbers!
Click on the right numbers and find your way out of the maze: A, B or C? 

Now listen and match:

Can you spell numbers in English? Burst the right balloons when they go past:

Read the hints and find the numbers on the blackboard (yes:as you can see, after 167 seconds I have found only TWENTY...You know I'm not very good at Maths..., I'm hopeless!)

Listen to the story and be ready to answer the question: How many people were there on Hassan Street going to school?
YAWN! I'm really sleepy now! It's time to go to bed and... count sheep