Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hello, everyone!

Watch this simple video to learn your first prepositions:
Some more prepositions: IN  ON  UNDER  OVER  IN FRONT   BEHIND

Click the picture and find different activities listed in the menu:
And now you're ready to play this wonderful Prepositions Billionaire:
Did you win??


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The house

Hi, everyone!
              How are you? I'm fine, but I'm very busy looking for spiders, frogs, worms and other ingredients I need for my potions...
              Are you ready to play with the words we learnt about the house?
Click and play a game in a scary haunted house:
Now burst the right balloons to write the name of the furniture:
Label this bedroom:
Listen and paint the next bedroom:
Listen to a story set in a scary house:

I hope you enjoyed yourself, now it's time for bed: go into your bedroom, put on your pink pyjamas, switch off the light and...