Friday, January 27, 2012

Dinosaurs Movie Trailer

Try our video maker at Animoto.

Class 3A, 3B, 3C 


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Clare - the Witch

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What do you know about dinosaurs?

Hi, everyone!
          What do you know about dinosaurs? Do you want to learn more? It's easy, just go to the Natural History Museum in London! If your mummy doesn't let you go, click here and go to the museum site to learn about

Click on the next dinosaur and you can learn about other dinosaurs (no reading required):
Well, now you're ready for this quiz:
Now answer this question: was the T-Rex a predator or a scavenger? (ask an adult to help you)
Could you answer all questions? Good job!!
Bye bye,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Walking with dinosaurs!

Hello, everyone!
           Do you like dinosaurs? Are you brave? Watch dinosaurs in these video clips from the BBC series "Walking with Dinosaurs" - some scenes are quite scary!
First watch how these video were made:

Now learn about a gigantic nest full of very big eggs:

Do you know the SARCOSUCHUS? It's an enormous crocodile!!!

And now, PREDATOR X, a terrible marine reptile:

CARCHARODONTOSAURUS - a long name for a big dinosaur:

Microraptors are dinosaurs who lived in trees:

Watch VELOCIRAPTORS hunting:

TRICERATOPS had very big horns:

WOW! Aren't they really scary?????
See you,
Clare - the Witch

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Watch dinosaurs come alive!!!

Hello, everybody!
           Are you brave?
If you've got a printer and a webcam and if an adult can help you to follow the instructions,  you must watch this:
And this:
Isn't it really great???!!!!
Bye bye,

Monday, January 16, 2012

Play with dinosaurs!

Hello, everyone!
           If you survived the videos on dinosaurs, you can now play with them.
Click on the picture and you can choose one of Dinosaur Train games:

Make your own dinosaur and give it a name:
Match each dinosaur with its shadow:
If you are a dino maniac and you know many dinosaurs names, you can try this hangman (I'm hopeless... as you can see from the picture...)
Imagine you're mummy dinosaur and you have to defend your babies from the attacks of hungry raptors... (apparently I'm not such a good mummy!)
Are you hungry? Catch fish with your sharp claws: (I starved to death after a few minutes...)
I hope you enjoyed yourself!  Bye bye - remember: you're a human, not  a dino, so please DON'T ROAR WHEN YOU'RE IN CLASS!!!