Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sun, lights and shadows

Hello, everybody!
        how are you? I'm fine.
It's autumn now and it's getting colder, the sun is lower in the sky.

With the help of your teacher or your parents, play with shadows:
Now click and see how shadows change during the day (click on the arrows on the right to change the time, then drag and drop the ruler on the shadow). When you've finished, click on Next and do the quiz:

Bye bye!
Clare - the Witch

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The parts of a plant

Hello, everybody!
    Look at this drawing I made with my magic wand and see the names of some of the parts of a plant in English:
   Now click on the tree and do a simple test:
Try also this test - this is difficult, also for your mum and dad!

Well, now you can have a break, eating some good healthy vegetables!
Bye bye,

Clare - the Witch